How to Make Your Eyebrows Look Nice for $2

Long gone are the carefree days when your only concern was making sure you waxed on time, but that doesn’t mean beautiful brows have to be expensive or anxiety provoking. Here is an easy, affordable 4-step process that will have your brows looking great in no time!


I don’t know about you, but I classify my days, not by good and bad hair days, but by good and bad brow days! Any day that is not a good brow day is just not a very good day.

I like to think of  the eyebrows as the curtains of your face: if the curtains are weird, no matter how gorgeous the house may be, it just throws people off, right? You can’t stop staring at those curtains, you can’t help but wonder “what is up with those things?”

So, here is how you get eyebrows that are on fleek (are we still saying ‘on fleek’?) for only $2 .


Now, I know this sounds pretty crazy right off the bat, but stay with me. I always have two mascara wands in my makeup bag, one (newer) wand for my eyelashes and one (old, almost empty wand) for my eyebrows.

Your old mascara wand should have just enough mascara on it to help keep your brows in place, and since you were planning on throwing it away anyway, this is technically a free step! Yay, we love free!

Eyebrow Shadow

Family Dollar has a brow kit that is only $2. I use it and love it!


Now, here’s the important part: Do not use the shadow that matches your color. This may seem counter intuitive, but if you do your brows will look dark and unnatural. My hair is black and I have dark features, but I do not use the black brow shadow. Always go with a slightly lighter shade.

Q-tips for Clean Up

I always over shadow (and get a bit messy) with my brows because I want to make sure I fill everything in. My brows are the very first step in my makeup routine (so I don’t have to worry about messing up any of my makeup). Making a mess is not a big deal when you can use a damp q-tip to clean up after yourself. I also use the q-tip to create a clean brow line. This helps to make your brows look neat. 

Maintenance is a Must

Once every few months, brush your brows up (not down) and trim them. Be careful, the only thing worse than too-long brows is brows that are too short.

I always make sure I fill in my brows (using the steps above) before I tweeze. This insures that I don’t over pluck. When you’re inches away from the mirror it’s hard to know what is what. Filling in my brows before plucking keeps me from going brow bald (which is a sad, sad phenomenon I see all too often).

So, that’s it. Perfect eyebrows for only $2.

before my brow routine

after my brow routine

Do you have a tip to share? PLEASE comment below! Us gals have to stick together and nothing brings women together like sharing our tried and true beauty secrets!