The Journal That Started it All

I ran into my local Family Dollar store for toilet paper and came out with much more.


Have you ever stopped to look around the Family Dollar? There are seriously cute things in that store. I figured it was just a fluke the first time I walked out with an arm full of goodies. The Family Dollar was probably just having an extraordinarily good day, right? But then I went back. And back. And back again. And I continued to be pleasantly surprised.

I realized that most days at the Family Dollar are good days and, if you have the time and the eye, you can find really amazing things there. So, that’s where I come in. I’m here to be your eyes!

The shirt is a large and was also available at my FD store in olive green. I am 5’6 and I weigh 145lbs. Large fits fine, but I like my shirts to fit on the flowy side so I would have preferred an XL. The peekaboo shoulder is feminine and fun. The cut out is, thankfully, in a place that allows you to wear a bra without worrying that the straps will show (which is essential for us busty gals!). The shirt was $8, the journal $5 and the shoes were on clearance for $4.

Send me your #FamilyDollarFinds on instagram! I’d love to see what you guys find!